The Best Of The Songs I Deleted From Bandcamp

by Francis Vace

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The old bandcamp account had to go, but there's no need to throw all of the baby out with the bathwater.

Contains a link to a .zip file with ALL of the songs that I deleted.


released July 24, 2016

Album Art: "Old Horse In The Wasteland" by Charles Cottet
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All songs written by Francis Vace
except #2 Magic Show written by Jeff Burgess
and #8 Sister written by Cherax Destructor

Additional Vocals on #5 Barriers by Itchigotchi



all rights reserved


Francis Vace Brisbane, Australia

Avatar by HACKD

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Track Name: 'Tis A Lie
Bm D
Hello your honour I will now present my case,
C Em
I'll tell you all about why this Princess should be replaced,
With your permission I'll present item one,
A Luna sized bite mark taken out of young Pip's buns.

Bm C D C

Bm D
Tis a lie, thy backside's whole and ungobbled,
Em C
So hastily was this falsehood cobbled.
Just look to thy gate to end this squabble,
And one will see that it is not hobbled.

Hello your honour may I present my counter point,
The position of princess is not ours to appoint,
But there is one that has been made crystal clear,
This poor Colt was bitten by Luna on his rear.

Tis a lie, thy backside's whole and ungobbled,
So hastily was this falsehood cobbled.
Just look to thy gate to end this squabble,
And one will see that it is not hobbled.
Track Name: Magic Show
I'm back again and I'm ready to floor
Heard my name upon a whisper so it's time for a roar
And my magic on and off the stage is better than before
My friends all say that my magic's an art
So I wrote a brand new show and then I tore it apart
Headed back to where I’m from, and I'm rebranded for a brand new start

Everybody says that I'm moving too fast
And everybody says that this moment won't last
Everybody says that I probably should take it slow
Everybody says that I’m doing just fine
But I won’t be content unless my heart’s on the line
Everybody says “Hey Trixie, you’re a magic show!”

I kick back--flash!--in a cloud I am gone
And then everybody’s cheering that the show must go on
I shoot a firework that heats up their hearts ’til dawn
Two lovers kiss between the flashes of light
When the encore's done they slink away off into the night
Now I know I'm not the best but if I caused a spark then that's alright

Somewhere I'll be welcomed and accepted
Somewhere I'll be cheered for and expected
And when I'm there I'll wow the crowds and I will finally know
Just how it feels to hear them say…
Some day I will show them I can win it
Some how I will conquer all my limits
I don’t care how long it takes, how far I have to go
Everyone is gonna say “Hey Trixie, you’re magic!”
Track Name: Pinkie's Broth
She is just a pastry girl,
With no one in the world,
To call her family,
Baking isn't difficult,
Maybe the same with the occult,
How hard could witchcraft be.

She doesn't care about the space time continuum,
She doesn't care about our where or when,
She doesn't care for any of the advice you bring cause,
She's gonna see her parents again.

Everyone feels for her loss,
But Pinkie please don't make that broth,
With eye of newt and cinnamon,
Your folks will never be the same,
If you bring them back this way,
Don't open the portal, don't jump in.

Back in time, go,
The future? Don't know.
The past is still there,
The present? I don't care.
Track Name: Sister
bright moon,
is this what you meant?
can i be bettered by this terror?
(is this helping?)

would you visit me again?
reassure me
'cause god i need to hear your voice
(wake me up)

oh sister
if you could see me, at a distance
the strength in my grip
but not the tears in my eyes
'cause you can never see me suffer
tear this masquerade asunder
glimpse the child beneath the pain i am under


oh sister, pick me up
you've braved monsters -
what's a little water?
oh sister, please hurry up
that rushing sound
growing louder, louder now