by Francis Vace and Cherax Destructor

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Wanting is one thing.
But knowing's another.

This is an album about an unknowingly requited longing and self doubt.
An album about coming close to happiness.
About just barely brushing fingers after hesitating to reach.

We hope you enjoy it.



released November 11, 2015

All songs written and performed by:
Francis Vace and Cherax Destructor

Additional Synths on Not Afraid by:

All art by HACKD



all rights reserved


Francis Vace Brisbane, Australia

Avatar by HACKD

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Track Name: Staring [Album Version]
Well I’d never never admit it to the princess,
But sometimes I feel like there’s gotta be more than this,
And I probably will never admit it to myself,
But there’s gotta be more than these books and these statistics

When I stare at the moon at midnight,
sometimes it feels like like it’s staring back at me,
When I stand all alone in the moonlight,
Everything else disappears and it’s all I see.

Well, I’d never admit it to my sister,
But sometimes I think that she was right,
and I can’t wait to be back down among them,
To open my eyes and see the Twilight.

When I stare at the Earth at midnight,
Sometimes I get sad for reasons I can’t explain,
I get the feeling when I stand alone in the sunlight,
There’s someone out there and I just don’t know her name.
Track Name: The Mare From My Dreams
I’ve been staring at the moon,
for so long long now that now it’s here I can’t help but feel it’s too soon,
I’ve been staring at the sky,
I would have told you I didn’t understand, but now I know this is why,
And now I’m staring at her mane,
It’s right in front of me but I almost can’t believe how it’s changed,
And now I’m staring at her face,
It’s downright enchanting, you could almost believe it came from outer space.

Who could have foreseen,
the mare from my dreams,
would be the one to foil my plan?
But I can’t help but see,
a flame that burns like me,
just yearning to expand.

I’ve been writing every week,
Reports to the Princess but not the princess of which we speak,
I’ve been writing everyday,
It seems no matter how long I make these letters there’s always more I could say,
We visit every time we can,
I want to tell the truth to her, but I seem to fail again and again,
I get the feeling that she knows ,
But once it’s out I can’t take it back and I guess that’s just the way that it goes,

I begin to think that she,
might feel the same as me,
But it’s a truth that’s hard to face,
And I can’t help but see,
a flame that burns like me,
But a princess must know her place.
Track Name: Waiting
I’ve held off for too long,
and now I’ve gotta come clean,
Despite what they all think,
I’m not just a machine,
It has to come out perfectly,
That’s why I’m writing it down,
I couldn’t bear a single mistake,
A stutter or a misplaced noun.

But look at the time I’m running late,
This is her first trip to my town,
I’ve lost track of time and made her wait.

I lost track of time and time flew,
I’ll never make it down,
Look at the time I’m overdue.

I had thought she’d be here,
She’s the only one I know,
Even with ponies all around,
I feel so alone,
I’ve tried to say hello,
but every time I speak,
They just run, they just hide,
I’ve heard nothing but shrieks

Our nightmares have come back,
Come back too soon,
And now we must burn the witch,
Or send her back to the moon.

I never believed in her,
no matter what they say,
tonight she’s shown her true colours,
so now we make her pay,
Take all the young ones inside,
we must keep them safe,
I’ve seen the hunger in her eyes,
We must expel the waifu.
Track Name: Not Afraid
I’m not afraid of what is coming,
I’m not afraid of what they’ll do,
I’m not afraid of this mob,
I’m afraid they’ll get to you

I’m not what they say I am,
Don’t listen, don’t believe,
You’ll see through I know you can,
I know you won’t be deceived.

I’m not afraid of what they say,
Because I know it isn’t true,
I’m not afraid of this mob,
But I’m afraid of losing you.

You’re not what they say you are,
I’ve seen the real you, I know,
But the moon, it feels so far,
And I wish you didn’t have to go.
Track Name: On The Tip Of My Tongue
they say some ponies can never change
they say that i'm crazy, but the truth is
you are the only thing keeping me sane

i've heard their slander
i know their lies
i know my heart's in the right, i know
there's a difference between darkness and night

all these words on the tip of my tongue
but something seems to steals the air within our lungs
there are lines we cannot cross
all our actions have a cost
we cannot calculate
-- why did we wait?

sound fades, light fails
time falls away
there are no illusions
there's only you,
there's the moon standing quiet in the centre of the room

i won't object
i'll do what they say is best
i'll take on the years as they come
with a dream of your touch and your love and forgiveness

all these words on the tip of my tongue
but there's a power here, oh something has begun
everything disappears, i cannot see you through my tears
-- will we ever meet again?